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Walking Street Pattaya

Walking street Pattaya the heart and soul of the night life for Pattaya Nakula and Jomtien. 1km strip of non stop go go bars clubs and bars. Walking street is where the action is, the night life, the women and the lady boys.

Walking street received its 3rd new look entrance sign in septemeber 2008. With a huge TV screen above advertising products and places.

During the day walking street looks like many other roads in Pattaya and Bangkok, filled with cars, workers replacing stock, repairing and building new areas. Come the evening the road is closed off to all traffic – Hence the name walking street.

The sun goes down, the lights and music turned up, the ladies fill the go go bars and the party begins – again. The best place to be in Pattaya for night life is defiantly Walking Street.

4 Responses to “Walking Street Pattaya”

  1. Walking Street is Heart of Pattaya with all you can imagine from Beer Bars to Discos, Go Go Bars to Go-Kart,Gold Shop to “GROVER’S” . All in One.
    Come to Pattaya , visit walking Street & come to “GROVER’S”
    Contact tel no :- 08-9-05 46462 , 038-429431 / 422147

  2. Craig says:

    If you like Rampant prostitution and the people it attracts, then walking street is an eye opener. Sort of place you will probably only need to see one time. Not saying it is wrong or bad, it is what it is and you can have a great time there.
    However, IMO the game of love is more fun when there is no money involved, of course your chances of going home alone sky rocket, but at least the people you play with in normal nightclubs earn their money else where…most of them anyway. Sin City is fun, but the price is always more than you realise.

    Sure hope there is more to see in Pattaya than Walking street.
    The Water is warm and the December Winds are strong – come to Blue Lagoon for some healthy watersports if you would like to hang out with some cool people, go to bed early and wake up richer and feeling good.

  3. Relax Thai says:

    This is “walking street” Pattaya one of the main places you can go at night, with loads of bars, discos, restaurants and go go dancing bars. Full of atmosphere and packed with fun.

    Kicking, Pumping, Cosmopolitan and Sexy would be understatements for the entertainment that awaits you in Pattaya. Legendary it is. Go go bars, bars, bars and more bars have plenty of alcoholic beverages to quench any harden drinkers thirst. Each beverage comes accompanied by a smiling gorgeous hostess ready to fulfill any other thirst you might have acquired during the day.

    The enjoyment on offer varies tremendously from ogling go go dens to standard English pubs with an assortment of Karaoke bars, live music bars and lady boy shows.

    Take this heady mix and add some of the finest restaurants in South East Asia. You will find culinary delights from all over the world and of course as Pattaya is a fishing village it is famed for its seafood dishes.

    If its tenpin bowling, night fishing or even taking in a movie the town can give you that too. All in all, it’s all here in Pattaya, however we believe you’ll find it hard to drag yourself away from the girlies with all the smiles and attention. .

    We do recommend, of course, that you practice safe sex.

  4. Pattaya has a three movie theatres ensuring plenty of seating arrangement to watch among the latest Hollywood blockbuster and local movies.

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