Venus Jupiter & Moon Smile Over Bangkok

Missed Bangkok’s night sky spectacle tonight?

Missed Bangkok’s night sky spectacle tonight? A huge, celestial smiley set over Bangkok to the southwest. There, low on the horizon, the crescent moon formed a tight triangle with Venus and Jupiter.

It was a one-night show and lasted only about an hour before Venus, the lower planet, lead the others below the horizon. By Tuesday night, the moon will have moved away to the upper left.

It was an uncommonly close grouping of the three brightest objects in the night sky, and we’re fortunate it occurs in the moon’s crescent phase. A fuller moon would detract from the planets’ brilliance.

Time to make a wish. We Bangkokians need it. Oops, and what’s that strange double-line on the upper left corner on the second shot? Satellites cruising?!

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