Investing in View Talay Pattaya Thailand

What options are there for the small time investor that likes to enjoy life and keep their investments close at hand.?

Investing in View Talay Pattaya Thailand

An unlikely place Pattaya Thailand, over the last 5 years new wealth has been created by both Thai nationals and people from the UK, USA and Europe.

2009 has seen the decrease in property sales in Pattaya, but the holiday rental market is still extremely buoyant. It is expected that the demand will outstretch the supply as more countries of Europe and former Russian countries find Pattaya Thailand as a great holiday destination.

People that invested money in property in Pattaya Thailand are seeing returns of 10% and higher. A small rental house in the uk costing £120,000 will receive a rental return of , the same investment will purchase 3 houses in Pattaya getting a return of three times the amount every month.
People with private cash have seen this as a great way to relocate and change their life styles at the same time.

People that invested money in property in Pattaya Thailand are seeing returns of 10% and higher

View Talay Pattaya apartment building

The View Talay Pattaya apartment building, which is one of only 2 or 3 condo apartment buildings on Beach road pattaya is the investment for 2010. The apartment building is located on Beach Road soi 9 in the center of Pattaya beach strip. It boasts location location location.

As 2009 was a slow year for any type of sales, the View Talay Pattaya apartment building still have units available to purchase in foreign names. The prices increased only slightly since the completions of the building in 2008 which means there is still a large increase to come.

As of writing this article you can purchase a Studio apartment from the Original View Talay Pattaya Company for 2.7 million baht. It will cost roughly 300,000 baht to finish an apartment to a high western standard, though you can spend a lot more.

This will give you an apartment costing in total 3 million Baht which is roughly £58000. Short term holiday rents pay 10,000 baht per week. The location and the pure lack of other apartments for rent on Pattaya beach means that there is a high demand from holiday makers for short and long term rent.
The apartments in View Talay Pattaya rent for

  • Short term rent 10,000 Baht per week
  • Long term rent 25,000 Baht pre month

This is giving investors a return of between 10% and 18%.
Places like Benidorm and Dubai have seen a complete over build of apartment buildings, but this will not happen in Pattaya as virtually the entire beach front has already been developed with business that is booming.
£240000 will give an investor a return of £1500 per month and an apartment to live. That is just in the View Talay Apartment Pattaya.

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