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Air Port Club

The best go go bars and beer bars in Pattaya can be found on or close to walking street. Throughout a year many bars come and go, shops are replaced by night time entertainment. Some of the go go bars on walking street get it right and are here to stay.

Air Port Club

August 2008 was the birth and opening of one of the latest Go Go bars in Pattaya. Air port Club, situated on Walking street, when heading from the beach 150 meters on the right hand side.
Air port Club Pattaya is a Go Go bar in every sense of the word. Girls outside trying to entice you in and girls on the inside trying to entice you home….

On the walking street entrance is an outside smart cocktail bar area, though all the customers choose to sit inside, maybe it is the aircon or maybe the view.

Trolley Dolly

The girls outside trying to get you in to Airport Go Go are dressed as air stewardess’s, if you ever had the hots for a trolley dolly, these girls will drive you wild. The girls on the inside wear from very little (a number) to feminine soft bondage boots, gloves and a bikini.
Like all go go bars in Pattaya, there is a DJ playing music to help the girls show their moves, state of the art laser show. The interior is nicely lit with a cool ambient feel.

Seating is arranged on the exterior walls running down the building with small dance platforms in the middle with a Dancing Go Go girl on each, behind this area is a Jacuzzi area where two ladies seductively soaped themselves and each other, at the bank of the bar is a raised stage area, girls play whip each other to the delight of the

Air port club looks and feels similar to Whats up a go go , I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the same owner

3 Responses to “Air Port Club”

  1. matt says:


    The airport club was awesome…i met a wonerderful waitress her name was Pha could you ask her to reply to this email.

    Matt from Australia – I stayed at Hardrock Hotel

  2. J.R says:

    Always get her number my friend. I got cellphone to at least 3 of most stunning girls of Airport. Really good to have when you need “something” daytime.

  3. Jonas says:

    Hey Matt,

    Her name is Fra… and I got her number if you want.
    Take care.

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