Made In Thailand Night Plaza

Pattaya is many things to different people, one of Thailand’s greatest enticements is it shopping. With a smaller budget you might just find a market an ideal place to bag a bargain.

On Second Road Pattaya Soi 9 directly opposite View Talay 6 is Made In Thailand Night Plaza. The name suggests it is a night event, but in truth the Market opens at 11am and stays open till 10pm every day.

Pattaya Market

This Pattaya market is undercover giving you a break from the sun, however the cover traps the heat. You would be well advised to carry drinking water with you while walking this Market.
There are many different Market stalls at the Made in Thailand Night Plaza selling many different items. The prices are much lower than places like the Royal Garden Plaza.

A favorite of many of the shoppers are Addidas and Nike T Shirts and Football shirts. For anyone who buys in bulk, the market even sells suitcases to help you take your gifts home.

Made In Thailand is a great place to shop, buy gifts or just kill some time while in Pattaya, for any one staying in View Talay 6 this Market is ideal, right on your back door.

Air Port Club

The best go go bars and beer bars in Pattaya can be found on or close to walking street. Throughout a year many bars come and go, shops are replaced by night time entertainment. Some of the go go bars on walking street get it right and are here to stay.

Air Port Club

August 2008 was the birth and opening of one of the latest Go Go bars in Pattaya. Air port Club, situated on Walking street, when heading from the beach 150 meters on the right hand side.
Air port Club Pattaya is a Go Go bar in every sense of the word. Girls outside trying to entice you in and girls on the inside trying to entice you home….

On the walking street entrance is an outside smart cocktail bar area, though all the customers choose to sit inside, maybe it is the aircon or maybe the view.

Trolley Dolly

The girls outside trying to get you in to Airport Go Go are dressed as air stewardess’s, if you ever had the hots for a trolley dolly, these girls will drive you wild. The girls on the inside wear from very little (a number) to feminine soft bondage boots, gloves and a bikini.
Like all go go bars in Pattaya, there is a DJ playing music to help the girls show their moves, state of the art laser show. The interior is nicely lit with a cool ambient feel.

Seating is arranged on the exterior walls running down the building with small dance platforms in the middle with a Dancing Go Go girl on each, behind this area is a Jacuzzi area where two ladies seductively soaped themselves and each other, at the bank of the bar is a raised stage area, girls play whip each other to the delight of the

Air port club looks and feels similar to Whats up a go go , I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the same owner

Walking Street Pattaya

Walking street Pattaya the heart and soul of the night life for Pattaya Nakula and Jomtien. 1km strip of non stop go go bars clubs and bars. Walking street is where the action is, the night life, the women and the lady boys.

Walking street received its 3rd new look entrance sign in septemeber 2008. With a huge TV screen above advertising products and places.

During the day walking street looks like many other roads in Pattaya and Bangkok, filled with cars, workers replacing stock, repairing and building new areas. Come the evening the road is closed off to all traffic – Hence the name walking street.

The sun goes down, the lights and music turned up, the ladies fill the go go bars and the party begins – again. The best place to be in Pattaya for night life is defiantly Walking Street.

What do you think of Pattaya

What do you think of Pattaya, do you love it – hate it?

How many times have you been to Pattaya and when is your next trip planned ?

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Tops super market Pattaya

On the corner of Pattaya Klang and Pattaya second road you will find Tops Super Market. The actual building is called the P S plaza but became known on the street as Tops Super Market Pattaya.

P S Plaza has three floors, located on ground floor is Tops, second floor there is a selection of different shops, snooker halls, services and a great second hand book store – which I highly recommend.

The third floor is a 10 pin bowling alley.

Tops Super Market

Tops super market Pattaya is a general store selling a large range of fresh foods, groceries and home ware. For any person living in or around View Talay 6 Pattaya, Tops shopping Market is an ideal place to purchase your weekly groceries and home products.

Tops is similar to Stores in the UK like Tescos, Asda etc.

Getting To Tops Super Market

To get to Tops super market from View Talay 6, leaving View Talay 6 from the back entrance, (Second Road Pattaya) turn left heading in the direction of the traffic and Tops super market is a 5 minute walk away. It is located at the traffic light junction.

Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya

Royal Garden shopping complex Pattaya is a four story building stretching from Pattaya Beach road to Pattaya Second Road.

The shopping complex is completely fitted to a western style and has the feel and look of any shopping mall. You feel as though you could be anywhere in the World.

The complex really offers a complete family day out, Shops suitable for every taste and age group, Fast food outlets like Mac Donald’s, KFC and Burger King are located on the beach entrance on the ground floor. There are other restaurants including Sizzler, Ishi Noodle Bar, Japanese restaurant. The fourth floor boasts a Food hall with a large selection of food at very reasonable prices.

Shops include, Sports, Tailors, Books, Children Clothing, mens clothing, Ladies clothing, Silk shop, photo shop, banks. The Royal Garden Shopping complex pattaya really has something for everyone.

Royal Garden shopping plaza

Royal Garden shopping plaza has its own cinema located on the third floor. The cinema has two screens and shows the latest Thai and Hollywood block buster movies.

Getting there on foot

To walk to the Royal Garden Shopping complex Pattaya from View Talay 6, from Beach road turn left and walk for about 5-7 minutes, you will arrive at the Royal Garden front entrance. From Pattaya Second Road turn right and walk for about 5-7 minutes, you will arrive at the Royal Garden rear entrance.

Cherrys Restaurant Pattaya

Cherry Restaurant Pattaya is a 10 minute walk from the main tourist area and View Talay 6. Most of the cliental are Pattaya residents and expats. The menu has a large selection of dishes including European and Thai food.

Cherry Menu

The menu is what you would expect from a good restaurant, a large selection of starters main courses and deserts. With every main course the Cherry Restaurant Pattaya offers a free salad bar with a large selection of salads, cold meats and dressings.

With the meal you can choose from a wide selection of soft drinks, wines, spirits and beers.

New Location

Cherrys Restaurant recently moved 4 doors down from its old position, opening a well designed building with seating for 100 people. The building is fully air conditioned and has quiet piped background music.

As the building is enclosed, you will not get bothered by DVD and watch sales people as you eat. This is a place to enjoy a meal away from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya.

A main meal, salad bar and a beer will cost aprox 350 Baht. The Cherry restaurant is a great place to spend an evening,

Contact Cherrys Restaurant

Tel 086 3145819
394/*** *** opposite X-Zyte, Pattaya 3rd Road, Pattaya City Chonburi, 20260

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Getting there on foot

Leave View Talay 6 on second road heading south towards walking street. (walking against the traffic) At the Kiss restaurant turn left heading towards Soi Buakaow, cross over the Soi Buakaow junction heading in the same direction. At the top of the next junction you are on third Road Pattaya. Cherrys restaurant is across the road on the left 20 yards.

To walk to Cherrys restaurant from View Talay 6 will take no more than 10 – 15 minutes.

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